• Establishing a Right-Wing Legal Network-
    We have been building a new infrastructure for the right wing. As part of this, we have been developing a legal network so that we have attorneys to fight political persecution by government agents and private malefactors. If you are... Continue Reading →
  • Guerrilla Radio 2.0 Archives-
    As previously announced, Guerrilla Radio has begun broadcasting at Heel Turn News Network every Saturday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm EST. The archives have been created at the original channel.  
  • *Set the World on Fire*: PDF Version-
    How to purchase the PDF version of Set the World on Fire: Step 1: Send $25 through the Cash.Me app to $AugustusSolInvictus Step 2: Put your email address in the “For” section Step 3: We will email you the PDF upon... Continue Reading →
  • War Machine-
    On Labor Day of 2018, I published an article about the training program I had been following for the previous year. It was originally published at Grit & Fire, but that website has since shut down. I am republishing the... Continue Reading →
  • Guerrilla Radio & Kingdom of Fear at Heel Turn-
    Guerrilla Radio is now hosted every Saturday from 5:00-7:00pm EST at Heel Turn News Network. The first reboot episode of Guerrilla Radio concerned the Philosophy of Fascism. I read & discussed excerpts from Ezra Pound’s Jefferson and/or Mussolini, the Fascism Oxford Reader, and... Continue Reading →
  • Fall Equinox MMXVIII: Publication Day-
    When Set the World on Fire was banned, the following books were simultaneously pulled from publication: Il Tempio Florido All-Devourer Akadzib The Black Pilgrimage The Great War All is burning: it is the end.  The Tower, or War Aeon: Cantos... Continue Reading →
  • “The Neroic Parables”: Excerpt from Akadzib-
    The Master, adorned with gorgeous apparel and shining in gold, masked & wearing a crown, came upon his disciples unannounced and asked for a glass of water. The first disciple, overawed, bowed & scraped & groveled at the Lord’s feet,... Continue Reading →
  • Evolve or Die-
    In this video I discuss the banning of my book Set the World on Fire as the latest episode in the leftist censorship campaign being waged by Silicon Valley, the SPLC, the ADL, et al.  
  • Alfred, Lord Tennyson, “Ulysses”-
    Recorded in honor of the birth of my son Beowulf Odysseus Invictus
  • The Witches’ Sabbath: Lammas MMXVIII-
    The Witches’ Sabbath is a poem cycle demonstrating the Manson murders as a series of initiatory rituals. It is available for purchase at Amazon. This is a video explaining the book, its content & themes:  “The Devil is beautiful.” – Sharon... Continue Reading →