The Witches’ Sabbath is a poem cycle demonstrating the Manson murders as a series of initiatory rituals. It was published 01 August 2018 and is available for purchase at Amazon


I.          Eye of the Devil                    
II.         The Witches’ Sabbath                     
III.       All of Them Witches           
IV.       Angelic Acid Magick                             
V.        Desert Doves                                                        
VI.       The Wretched of the Earth         
VII.      Gorgeous/Filth                                 
VIII.    Deadly Nightshade                                    
IX.       Death to Pigs          
X.        Satanic Blood Orgy          
XI.       The Sacred Hunt                
XII.      Unfulfilled Desires          
XIII.    Passion of the Son of Man
XIV.    The Second Coming                        
XV.      Christ in the City of Angels                 
An explanation of the book, its content & themes: