January 2019

*Set the World on Fire*: PDF Version

How to purchase the PDF version of Set the World on Fire: Step 1: Send $25 through the Cash.Me app to $AugustusSolInvictus Step 2: Put your email address in the “For” section Step 3: We will email you the PDF upon… Continue Reading →

War Machine

On Labor Day of 2018, I published an article about the training program I had been following for the previous year. It was originally published at Grit & Fire, but that website has since shut down. I am republishing the… Continue Reading →

Guerrilla Radio & Kingdom of Fear at Heel Turn

Guerrilla Radio is now hosted every Saturday from 5:00-7:00pm EST at Heel Turn News Network. The first reboot episode of Guerrilla Radio concerned the Philosophy of Fascism. I read & discussed excerpts from Ezra Pound’s Jefferson and/or Mussolini, the Fascism Oxford Reader, and… Continue Reading →

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